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Your destination for weddings, company retreats and any sort of event

Söderfors Herrgård is the perfect destination for your next event. We provide all services needed to ensure everything is included to make your event a magical experience.

We are accepting bookings for all group sizes up to 500 people. Send all booking requests and inquires to


Let us handle all your catering needs! Our new industrial-grade kitchen is tailored to serve events of any size with locally sourced and meticulously crafted dishes prepared by our experienced chefs with extensive experience with catering and cooking for large parties.

Conference Center

The Grillska wing is a dedicated conference building with four available conference rooms. The building is newly-renovated with new furniture and equipment, making Söderfors Herrgård the perfect location to host your next event of any size. 

Some of our event amenities include:

  • Modern sound system

  • Projector and TV systems

  • High-speed Wi-Fi

  • Stage and performance equipment

  • Catering & drink menus

  • Meeting breakout rooms

Additional Services

In addition to our conference center, we have a large number of amenities available 

  • Room blocks with flexible sleeping arrangements

  • Bookings for our spa, massages, or floating sauna

  • Swimming pool in our nearby campground

  • Full restaurant and bar with private bookings available

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